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Floh is commemorated by a light box dedicated in 2010 by her lesbian partner Johanna D. and their child Milo, as well as by her mother Tina Reuther, her mother’s life partner Isabelle Feix, and her friend Anja S.


The light box for Floh shines in memory of a strong and vital lesbian woman*, who pressed charges against her step-grandfather but was badly let down by the justice system. According to the court, the statements made by Floh and her mother were insufficient proof. The step-grandfather was acquitted and walked free.

Five years after the verdict, Floh put an end to her life with an overdose of insulin. In her documentary, Nirgendland (Nowhereland, 2014), filmmaker Helen Simon gives a striking account of the flaws in the justice system and of why the mother was unable to face up to the abuse of her daughter and protect her.