sleep father sleep

2003 | Steel, wood | H 430 x W 35 x D 35 cm | Limestone, feather pillows | H 25 x W 80 x D 80 cm

A knife over four meters long hangs close to an anatomically formed heart carved from stone. The heart is lying on a pillow. The blade of the knife is of welded steel, the handle of a light-coloured wood.
Who is the knife pointing at?
This piece is a metaphor for the anger and rage of all those who have suffered sexualised violence. They have broken the silence, have been demanding social change for decades, and have taken a leading role in building outreach centres and setting up support programmes.
Now, sexual offenders can no longer feel totally safe.
Guestbook entry
“To the woman who made the knife!
Thanks for daring to portray something that I only dared do in my thoughts. In spite of everything – even now, after such a long time and such a lot of misery – it does me good to feel that other women understand and (unfortunately!) know what I carry around with me still – to this very day.” BP, May 2005


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