still and still and still

work in progress | Multiple Calendar Cards 2001 – 2014 | Doormat

The multiple to take, in a way that banks or other firms usually use for their year-round advertising, has on the calendar of 2013 the inscription: “still the 14 year old girl chokes on the dick of her father”. Renate Bühn started this piece of art in 2001. As a work-in-progress this piece takes on a different form at every exhibition site in alignment with the location and the little girl is continuously getting older since 2001. As a doormat or on the steps of a stair the cards of the calendar are placed in the entrance area of every exhibition site for the entire time as a reminder for every visitor of everyone’s own passing by, walking past it.

Visitors can take the cards with them and carry them with them in their pocket. An everyday reminder, an everyday questionnaire about their own actions. The work of the artist points to the lack of everyday observations and actions. At the same time it illustrates what this means for the affected girls and boys. They are left alone for years in these situations that are hopeless for them with no way out. Caregivers, family, their close environment, school, the society still don’t them a chance to speak up and break free from it.


Jahreskalenderkärtchen unterschiedlicher Jahre 2001-20014 in Scheckkartengröße kleben auf Treppenstufen und füllen den Treppenzugang zur Ausstellung in München. Das tagtägliche Darüber-hinweggehen wird erfahrbar.